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Settwell placed in Dokk1
The inspiring building Dokk1 is the home of Settwell Relocation in Aarhus.
Relocation and Immigration Provider of the Year 2018
Settwell named the Relocation and Immigration Provider of the Year 2018

Settwell Relocation
Rolighedsvej 9
DK-1958 Frederiksberg C

Settwell Relocation
Hack Kampmanns Plads 2, niveau 3 
DK-8000 Aarhus C

Phone: +45 3534 9295

We mobilize the best

The Settwell team consists of an excellent, multilingual and cross-culturally trained staff who all have first hand experience of being expats. We are flexible, dynamic and have a unique understanding of potential challenges faced during the relocation process. Each move is individually handled and we are always ready to meet specific needs in the professional and empathetic manor. 

We know from personal experience, the challenges of moving to another country and a new culture. We understand the importance of a good relocation and therefore ensure a smooth beginning for every transferee and their family expatriating to Denmark.

Mads Christian Wikke
Managing Director, GMS


Mads began his career working for a Swiss retail company and after having lived in the UK and traveled internationally for several years, the shift into the relocation industry seemed like a natural transition.

Subsequently Mads joined his father and Settwell Relocation in 2001, where he worked as a counsellor and eventually became responsible for client relations; new business development and marketing before taking over the director’s chair in 2009.

Mads promotes the values of transparent and personal service and a strong focus on the clients individual needs and requirements are a high priority. Putting together the right team to meet the challenging tasks that we face as well as manage client relations has been the most difficult but also the most rewarding part of his job. Striving to remain current and at the forefront of the Danish relocation industry will remain a major part of Mads’ itinerary in the years to come.

When not at work Mads spends his time with his wife and 3 children and an occasional run through the forest.

Lene Gros
Finance and HR Manager


Lene holds the role as Finance and HR Manager in Settwell Relocation and is a crucial part of the organization and management.

Lene is head of all financial aspects including the expense management program, accounting and payroll besides having the responsibility for all HR related issues. Lene manages the Settwell administration and all general employee related duties with a empathic approach based on her psychology degree from Probana Business School.

As the rest of the Settwell team, Lene has lived, worked and educated herself abroad, primarily in Spain where she held both sales and administrative roles in a booming real estate industry before returning to Denmark in 1994. Back in Denmark, Lene she was recruited to work as head of contracts and administration departments at some of the largest Danish rental agencies before joining Settwell in 2006.

Over the years, Lene's role and responsibility has increased in importance as a logic consequence to utilize her skill set and dedication best possible.

Amel Stenholm Møller
Administrative Assistant


With a degree in Office Management and past experience as a private secretary in a Dentist Office, Amel joined Settwell Relocation in November of 2008.

With her exceptional multitasking skills, Amel is a valuable asset and has overseen all aspects of the administration from expense management to moving quotes and monthly reporting for our largest accounts, and has now resumed full responsibility for account coordination and reporting.

Amel is married and lives in Vedbæk with her two young children.

Dorte Levring Larsen
Business Process and Project Manager


After graduating from Copenhagen Business School in 1999, Dorte moved to Brazil with her husband working as an English/Danish teacher and studying Portuguese. In 2002, Dorte relocated to Colombia where she continued working as an English teacher until having twins in 2004. In 2006 the family moved to The Netherlands before returning to Denmark in 2009. 

Dorte joined Settwell Relocation in the summer of 2011 and as Settwell is not a relocation company for nothing, Dorte relocated to Abu Dhabi in 2017 for the family to take on a new challenge before repatriating to Denmark in 2020. Dorte currently lives in Hørsholm. 

Jane Lee
Immigration Manager


Mobile: +45 2261 7464

Born in South Korea and raised in Jutland by Danish parents, Jane has a great cultural understanding.

Jane worked for years in the US before completing a PBA in Ideation from Copenhagen Business Academy. After working in Copenhagen as Project Manager, Jane joined Settwell Relocation in spring 2014. With her positive attitude and very understanding nature, Jane is always looking forward to welcoming newcomers and helping them fell at home.

Jane lives on Frederiksberg and speaks Danish and English fluently plus understands German well.

Ken Krogtoft
Client Relations Manager


Mobile: +45 2093 6295

Ken has been in the travel industry for 25 years where he has gained wide professional experience within customer service, team and client relations management. Ken manages the skill of establishing new client relations and maintaining lasting client relationships. Ken joined Settwell Relocation in summer 2013 after some years in the real estate business as a housing agent.

Being energetic, persistent and task-oriented, Ken is the right person to focus on Settwell's client relations. 

Ken lives on Frederiksberg with his daughter and when not at work, he prefers to play a round of golf with his friends. 

Cathrine Lysen
Relocation Counsellor


Mobile: +45 2889 1246

Born in Denmark and raised in Nigeria, Japan and Singapore, Cathrine has abroad understanding of different cultures.

Cathrine got into the relocation in 2007 after living in The Netherlands for 3 years. In 2013 she moved to Belgium and has now returned to relocation. Cathrine is a fourth-generation expat and has a broad understanding of the challenges and joys of relocating as a child and as an adult.

Cathrine is married and lives in Dragør with her husband, 2 children and 2 dogs. Cathrine speaks fluent Danish, English and has a broad knowledge of Dutch

Constanza Panichelli
Relocation Counsellor


Mobile: +45 2276 0959

Constanza is originally from Argentina and has lived many years in Mexico too before she in 2007 moved to Denmark. As a result Constanza has great experience in relocating. She knows the process from both angles and enjoys assisting her international clients relocating to Denmark as smooth as possible- and well. 

Constanza holds a master degree in PR and Marketing and was following working in the service business in Buenos Aires, Argentina until moving to Denmark. In Denmark, Constanza has been working in the real estate business and has great knowledge about the Danish housing market.

Having now spent a number of years in Denmark, Constanza now feels deeply integrated and really enjoys the gift of living here with her family. Spanish is her native language but she speaks English and some Danish too.

Eva Nyeng
Relocation Counsellor


Mobile: 2213 7464

Eva has worked in HR and SAP implementation projects within HR before moving abroad in 2002 with her husband. They had two children while living abroad in England, China and latest in Vienna, Austria before repatriating back to Denmark in August 2013. Today Eva lives in Northern Zeeland with her family.

Being an expat spouse Eva involved herself in lots of different projects. She organized various social activities for children, spouses and their families. Among other things she started and managed a Kindergarten, when living in China. She arranged second-hand children’s item collections to an orphanage and arranged Danish Christmas activities for a large number of multi-cultural children and their families. Eva took a very active role in the Expat community and became the relocation helper for new families.

Eva joined Settwell Relocation in September 2014. She meets clients with a positive and open minded attitude and based on own experiences, she will understand the various aspects of settling in into a new environment.

Eva speaks Danish and English fluently and has basic communication skills in German.

Gitte Becker
Relocation Counsellor


Mobile: +45 2267 7464

Gitte Becker has worked with export, marketing and HR for many years before moving abroad in 2002.  

Gitte has lived in Malawi from 2002-2006 followed by 4½ years in Uzbekistan before repatriating to Denmark with her husband and two children in 2010.

During her 9 years abroad Gitte took up many different challenges -  She has photographed and published a calendar for an orphanage and worked on a project for street children in Malawi. In Uzbekistan Gitte managed an International Pre-school, worked as a school photographer and took a very active part in the International Women’s club and school society.

Gitte joined Settwell Relocation in 2011 where she greatly benefits from her personal experiences as an expat; having gone through the different stages and emotions of a relocation she easily relates to the needs of her clients.

Marianne Egelund
Relocation Counsellor


Mobile: +45 2649 7813

Over the past fifteen years Marianne has been working and living in various places around the world including United States, United Kingdom, The Nederlands, Belgium, Thailand, Hong Kong and China.

During her time spend abroad, she has gathered valuable information on how best to create a home away from home, personal experience vital as a relocation counsellor. With a background as a journalist, a mother of two and an expat-life, Marianne meets clients with first-hand knowledge of the ups and downs transferring to a new country.

Since 2009 Marianne and her family have lived in Denmark.

Louise Krapper
Relocation Counsellor


Mobile: +45 2296 7295

Henriette Kvolbæk Nielsen
Relocation Counsellor


Mobile: +45 2276 2118

Henriette has lived, worked and traveled throughout the world from England, France, Greece, The USA and Argentina both as a single and sooner a couple with young children.

Henriette joined Settwell Relocation in 2010 and has always enjoyed working with people and the international community and speaks Danish, English, Spanish and Greek. She currently lives in Aarhus with her husband and two children and is always looking forward to welcoming newcomers and helping them feel at home.

Hildur Sigurðardóttir
Relocation Counsellor


Mobile: +45 2248 0695

Hildur was born in Iceland but has been living in Denmark since 2011. She currently lives in Kolding with her family.

Hildur worked in HR, customer service, marketing, advertising, and project management for more than 15 years before studies brought her to Denmark. Hildur has a Bachelor degree as an Elementary school teacher and a Master degree in Business Administration/Human Resource.

Hildur joined the Settwell team in December 2017 and is a relocation counselor who benefits from her personal experiences moving to Denmark. Hildur can easily relate to the needs of her clients as she understands the various aspects of settling in into a new environment in Denmark.

Jane Fromberg Bejstrup
Relocation Counsellor


Mobile: +45 2213 9695

Janni Fabricius
Relocation Counsellor


Mobile: +45 2843 8562

Janni has worked as a bank advisor for many years prior to moving abroad with her husband and kids in 2010. They lived in Poland and China before repatriating to Denmark in 2019.

Janni joined Settwell Relocation in 2019 and enjoys working with people from all over the world – she knows how important it is that the relocation process goes well.

She lives in Kolding with her husband and 2 twin daughters. She likes sports and traveling around the world.

Malene Knudsen
Relocation Counsellor, GMS


Mobile: +45 2241 7395

Malene has studied and worked throughout France and its department of Martinique for many years and holds a Master of Arts degree in French and Science of Information.

In 2008, Malene joined Settwell Relocation and has since proved herself as a valuable asset and an indispensable part of our team. Malene has great knowledge about the relocation process and earned her GMS, Global Mobility Specialist certification in 2011. Malene is based in the Settwell Relocation office in Aarhus.

Malene lives in Aarhus with her husband and three children.

Søren Andersen
Relocation Counsellor


Mobile: +45 2237 9295

Søren has been working in the relocation business for 6 years, and have through this accumulated a solid knowledge of the move to a new country.

Søren and his family have been relocating themselves, living in both Spain, England and Sweden for a number of years. Søren speaks Danish, English and knows a fair amount of Spanish.

Søren and his family now live nearby Silkeborg, in the center of  Jutland where they make use of the nature, lakes and different sports. When not working, Søren loves running and a good round of golf.

Tine Myrup Thiesson
Relocation Counsellor


Mobile: + 45 2874 5695

Tine recently returned to Denmark after having lived 17 years in the US. She now lives in Aarhus with her husband and her youngest daughter, her two older children have left the nest.

Tine has worked as a journalist, a teacher, a software test engineer, and has owned two companies in the US – a catering company and an interior design business. She holds a MA in English and Danish and wrote her thesis about migration. She speaks Danish and English fluently and has basic communication skills in German and Spanish.

While not at work, she enjoys spending time with her family. She is an avid runner, loves kickboxing and all racket sports. She and her family use every given opportunity to travel. It inspires her to see how other people live and balance their lives – that is also what she loves most about her job at Settwell.