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Regions in Denmark

When moving to a new country, facts about location is important information. Below Settwell Relocation has listed useful links about Denmark in general just like you can find specific information about the five regions in Denmark.
Visit Denmark
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Talent Attraction Denmark

For cost of living in Denmark and the possibility of comparing Danish towns, please see here

Region Hovedstaden - Capital

Capital Region
The Capital Region of Denmark is Greater Copenhagen and the island of Bornholm. Stretching from the island of Bornholm in the east of Denmark to Hundested in the west, the Capital Region comprises 29 municipalities. Please find map of municipalities on the website of the Capital Region.

Central neighborhoods
City center, Østerbro, Christianshavn and Holmen, Islands Brygge, Vesterbro and Nørrebro.
Below please find information about the central neighborhoods:

City center
The City Center of Copenhagen spans over a large area – from the Town Hall square and Tivoli to the Royal Palace and Nyhavn. The City Center is the oldest part of Copenhagen. The architecture of the buildings and the atmosphere of the various residential areas are very diverse. Buildings range from grand penthouse apartments in quiet, posh areas to pastel colored 18th century houses and smaller apartments by the canals on narrow cobble-stoned streets. The City Center offers green parks, museums and historical sites, trendy cafes, chic bars, world famous restaurants and a vibrant night life with a great range of entertainment. Furthermore, you find a wide range of shops on the world’s longest pedestrian street "Strøget" and around. Frederiksstaden is part of the City Center and houses the royal family (The Royal Palace Amalienborg) as well as exclusive apartments. Around the square Kongens Nytorv you find The Royal Theatre and Nyhavn - the lovely colorful "heritage harbour" with many restaurants and historical wooden ships. The City Center is the ideal place to live - if you wish to live in a busy environment with an international touch and a posh atmosphere.

Østerbro is a prosperous residential neighborhood with primarily century-old apartment buildings. However, in recent years the eastern area of Østerbro has seen a considerable development in new modern apartment buildings (Amerika Plads) close to Langelinie and the famous Little Mermaid. Østerbro is popular with both young professionals and families due to its green surroundings and close proximity to the lakes and the city beach at Svanemøllen. Fælledparken is the largest park in Copenhagen and a recreational area suitable for all kinds of activities whether it would be football, enjoying a picnic or a free open air concert, jogging or simply taking the kids for a stroll. The two main shopping streets are Nordre Frihavnsgade and Østerbrogade but smaller streets constantly appear with new exiting shops and great cafes. This is part of the charm of Østerbro. Østerbro houses many diplomatic representations as well as the city campus of Copenhagen International School. From Østerbro Copenhagen City Center can be reached with a few minutes both by bus and train. Currently, the metro system is being extended to Østerbro too. Østerbro is the ideal place to live - if you wish to be close to the City Center but prefer a local environment and green surroundings.

Christianshavn and Holmen
Christianshavn and Holmen have a unique charm. Canals with house boats and old 18th century houses on narrow cobble-stoned streets blended with buildings that used to house the Royal Danish Navy makes the area a lovely historical site. There has been an extensive renovation over the past year why trendy buildings with modern apartments can be right on the canal can be found too. Christianshavn and Holmen are home to a mix of families and many students as most art schools are located here. There are cozy restaurants, old traditional pubs mixed with Michelin restaurants, designer shops and trendy outdoor nightclubs. Christiania – the self-proclaimed autonomous neighborhood – is also to be found here. Christianshavn and Holmen are the ideal place to live - if you wish to live in historic surroundings with a unpretentious atmosphere close to Copenhagen City Center.

Islands Brygge
Islands Brygge has undergone an impressive modernization during the past 20 years. Today new buildings of spacious apartments blend in with the old, and there is a mix of businesses and residential housing. People from all over Copenhagen come here to enjoy the popular harbor pool on a warm day or watch a major sport event on the big screen of the harbor lawn.

Vesterbro has gone through a massive transformation and is today a popular and hippy district in Copenhagen. The meatpacking district is a good choice for a fancy dinner or a fun night out at the cool bars. Only years ago it was mainly known for its infamous red light district behind the Central Station, today Vesterbrogade and Istedgade have plenty of bars, restaurants, and designer stores. Vesterbro is the ideal place to live - if you wish to live in an upcoming neighborhood with a twist.

Nørrebro is the multicultural area of Copenhagen. Nørrebro is popular with many young inhabitants due to lots of cultural activities. Especially the southern part of Nørrebro near the lakes and Sankt Hans Torv is lively with cafes and frequented by musicians, artists and designers. Nørrebro is the ideal place to live - if you wish a happening young atmosphere.

Extended neighborhoods and towns
Nordvest, Sydhavnen, Husum, Brønshøj, Valby, Vanløse and Amager
Below please find information about the extended neighborhoods and towns:

If you continue north from Nørrebro you will soon be in Nordvest. This old working class neighborhood is now home to many Middle Eastern immigrants, but as many other Copenhagen neighbourhoods has undergone development, Nordvest is also beginning to change to become more hip and diverse.

Just south of Vesterbro and Fisketorvet Shopping mall, you find Sydhavnen with brand new apartment buildings on the waterfront of Kalvebod Brygge as well as older apartment buildings, making this part of town one of great pluralism.

Husum, Brønshøj, Valby, Vanløse, Amager
These neighborhoods and towns consist of both apartments and houses and are home to students, young professionals, but mainly families. They all have shopping opportunities, cafés, green areas and a number of Danish public schools.

For more information about Copenhagen, please look at the following websites:
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Frederiksberg is a local municipality in Copenhagen with a tranquil atmosphere.
Frederiksberg offers a wide variety of residential accommodation - old fine properties with luxury apartments, small town houses and exclusive villas all in green surroundings. Frederiksberg is the fashionable part of Copenhagen. The main street is Gammel Kongevej with excellent shops, fine boutiques, bakeries and cafes. Frederiksberg is also a green oasis with Frederiksberg Have, the romantic Garden of the Faculty of Life Sciences, Søndermarken and Copenhagen Zoo. Frederiksberg offers a lot of cultural activities too - also for families with children. From Frederiksberg Copenhagen City Center can be reached within minutes both by bus and metro. There are several stations on the metro system. Frederiksberg is the ideal place to live - if you wish to live in a local fine community and like green surroundings. Click here for more information about Frederiksberg.


Gentofte municipality comprises the towns Hellerup, Gentofte, Charlottenlund/Ordrup and Vangede

Hellerup is situated just north of Copenhagen.
Hellerup offers one of the most exclusive shopping streets in Denmark - Strandvejen – which runs along the seaside and is full of designer and beauty shops, lovely boutiques with children's clothing and fine shoe stores, bakeries and trendy restaurants. Hellerup is counted among the wealthiest areas in Denmark and houses both beautiful villas and modern luxury apartments facing the sea (Tuborg Havn). Green areas and parks, a small harbor and the beach makes it all an exclusive place to live and with a number of international schools and kindergartens, Hellerup is very popular with expat families. Hellerup is the ideal place to live - if you wish to be close to Copenhagen but want the chic residential and cozy atmosphere.

Gentofte is the neighbor of Hellerup to the west. Gentofte is a quaint neighborhood with roomy villas and a cozy shopping street with cafés, high quality bakery, green grocer, butcher, frommagerie as well as local cinema. The lake of Gentofte is a very popular recreational area.

Just north of Hellerup, the exclusive areas of Charlottenlund and Ordrup offer big villas as well as beach and forest next door and their own chic shopping streets; Jægersborg Allé and Ordrupvej. Their S-train stations ensure a quick and easy connection to the city of Copenhagen.

The suburb of Vangede is situated on the west side of the “Lyngby Motorway” Just behind IKEA. It is yet another suburb with houses, a small park and a few supermarkets. The rental market is narrow here, but if one does find a place to rent, prices are a little lower than the rest of the municipality.


Lyngby comprises the towns Lyngby, Taarbæk, Virum and Sorgenfri

Lyngby-Taarbæk is situated north of Copenhagen only 20 minutes from Copenhagen city center.
Lyngby is a great and cozy commercial and cultural town surrounded by mayor lakes and forests. Towards the sea, you find Dyrehaven and the world oldest amusement park Bakken. Business of all sizes and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) are placed in Lyngby due to the easy highway exits and train connections. Lyngby is the ideal place to live - if you wish to be close to Copenhagen but want the coziness of a smaller town and green areas close by. Click here for more information about Lyngby.

Virum is located northern of Copenhagen only around 30 minutes from Copenhagen city center. The town mostly consists of residential areas, however, Virum also has lakes, forests and recreational areas.

Region Sjælland - Zealand

The Region of Zealand covers the islands of Zealand (the Capital Region excluded), Lolland, Falster, Møn and other smaller islands. Stretching from Nykøbing Zealand in the north to Gedser in the south and from Stevns in the east and Kalundborg in the west, the Region of Zealand comprises 17 municipalities. Please find more information on the website of the Region of Zealand here

The following website have detailed information too: 

Visit North Zealand 

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Visit Lolland Falster


Bigger towns in the Region of Zealand are:










Region Nordjylland - Northern Jutland

The Region of Central Jutland is the largest of the five Danish regions stretching from coast to coast across Central Jutland Peninsula. Below please find links to facts about the region and the towns placed in the Region of Central Jutland:  
Northern Jutland

Aalborg is the fourth-largest city in Denmark situated in the Northern part of Denmark. Aalborg has developed from being an industrial city to a city marked by the service, knowledge and education sectors. During the past decades, they converted the old port in front of the medieval town as a recreational area with cafes, restaurants and cultural and sports life. Aalborg waterfront has been innovated with green areas and a harbor bath as well. In 2008 the Utzon Center opened at the waterfront, which was a milestone in the development. The center is a museum where design, architecture and art, by Jørn Utzon and his son, is exhibited. The roofs of the building is inspired by sails, like the Sydney Opera House also designed by Jørn Utzon.

In 2013 the European Commission concluded that Aalborg is the city in Europe where the majority of the residents are satisfied with their city compared to other major European cities such as Copenhagen and Hamburg.

For more information about Aalborg, please look at the following websites:
Visit Aalborg
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Aalborg Portalen (only in Danish)
City Map

Region Midtjylland - Central Jutland

The Region of Central Jutland is the largest of the five Danish regions stretching from coast to coast across Central Jutland Peninsula. Below please find links to facts about the region and the towns placed in the Region of Central Jutland:  
Region Midtjylland
Facts about Central Jutland
Visit Denmark - East Jutland

Aarhus is the second-largest city in Denmark and perfectly located close to the beach, forest, highways and the harbour.
Aarhus is an innovative city with business especially specialized in renewable energy, food, health and productivity are to be found. Aarhus offers a vibrant mix of youthful energy and a blast from the past. Because of Aarhus University and many other research and educational facilities, Aarhus is the youngest city in Denmark measured by average age, however, historically it is one of the oldest cities in Denmark. Aarhus offers a lot of cultural activities and great shopping and you will find lovely bakeries and cafes too.
Aarhus is the ideal place to live - if you wish to live in a vibrant city close to the sea and green surroundings.

Aarhus was the European Capital of Culture 2017.

For more information about Aarhus, please look at the following websites:
Visit Aarhus
Aarhus Kommune
International Community Aarhus
City Map
Aarhus Festival
AOA Guide

For shopping in Aarhus (following website only in Danish):
Department store Salling 
Department store Magasin
Shopping Bruuns Galleri
Shopping City Vest
Shopping Stor Center Nord

Every Wednesday and Saturday you will find markets at Ingerslevs Boulevard.
For free wireless internet access in Aarhus: Open Wifi or SmartAarhus on Dokk1 

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Region Syddanmark - South Denmark

The Region of South Denmark consists of Funen and the southern part of Jutland. Below please find links to facts about the region and the towns placed in the Region of South Denmark:  
Region Syddanmark
Visit Fyn
Visit Denmark - West Jutland

When visiting Billund, it is clear to see that it is a fairly new town. Billund is a rare example of a Danish town that has grown and developed because of a single company, the LEGO Group. The production of wooden toys started in 1932 and today the town is synonymous with the LEGO bricks. The headquarter of The LEGO Group is still located in Billund and by far the largest employer in the area.

Billund has the second largest airport in Denmark, various hotels with conference facilities and not to forget the theme park LEGOLAND. With LEGOLAND, Billund has developed into a popular holiday destination and today features the water park Lalandia as well for both children and adults to have a fun time.  

For more information about Billund, please look at the following websites: 
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Odense is the third largest city in Denmark and has an advantageous location right in the middle of Denmark.
In Odense you find many green areas close to the stream. Cafés and restaurants lie side by side with small boutiques and trendy shops in the city center and at the outskirts of Odense, a large shopping center is located which is frequently visited by people living all over Funen. Odense is proud of being the native town of Hans Christian Andersen. Throughout the city there are numerous statues and sculptures representing characters from the fairytale stories of Hans Christian Andersen. The Hans Christian Andersen birth house and museum is worth a visit and lovely located in the open-air museum "The Funen Village" where half-timbered houses from Hans Christian Andersen's time have been recreated.  

For more information about Odense, please look at the following websites: 
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