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Settwell Relocation
Rolighedsvej 9
DK-1958 Frederiksberg C

Settwell Relocation
Hack Kampmanns Plads 2, niveau 3 
DK-8000 Aarhus C

Phone: +45 3534 9295


Whether you prefer public transportation or driving, Settwell Relocation can help you with all your transportation needs.

For street map please use Krak 


Despite Denmark being a relatively small country, there are several airports around the country. Please find links below:

Copenhagen airport 

Aalborg airport

Aarhus airport

Billund airport

Karup airport

Odense airport

Bornholm airport                                                                         


Denmark is world famous for its biking culture. Danes love biking – to work, to school and even on summer holidays around the country.

Copenhagen was in 2017 named ‘Best city for cyclists’ and the ‘World’s most livable city’. Copenhagen offers a variety of favorable biking conditions — dense urban proximities, short distances and flat terrain — along with an extensive and well-designed system of bike lanes. Biking is generally perceived as a healthier, environmentally friendly, cheaper and often a quicker way around town than by public transport or car.

Denmark is biking heaven for cyclists!
The following websites may inspire you to go biking:

Denmark – Biking Culture

Cycle Guide DK


Dansk Turistmefremme

Visit Denmark

Plan a bike route:
I Bike Cph

Places to buy new and used bikes:
KBH Cykler
Brugte Cykler
Heino Cykler

Rent a bike:
Global Student
Rent a bike Copenhagen

Inexpensive new bikes at supermarkets:

Police auction for bikes:
Kbh Auktioner

Plan a bike route: 
Aarhus cykelguide

Places to buy new bikes:
Jensen Cykler
Fri Bike Shop
Rask Cykler
Hermansen Cykler
We Bike

Inexpensive new bikes at supermarkets: 

Places to buy used bikes:
Den Blå Avis

Rent a bike:
Cycling Aarhus

Rent a bike for free:
Aarhus Bycykel

Police auction for bikes: 

Car import

If you wish to import a vehicle from abroad when moving to Denmark, you need to pay registration tax in order to get Danish number plates.

The Danish Tax authorities (SKAT) has detailed information on both the import process and calculation of the costs. Please click here to get the latest and most up-to-date information.

If you prefer talking directly to the Danish Tax authorities, kindly call SKAT at +45 7222 2796.

Car leasing

There are a number of car leasing companies on the Danish market. Prices and terms differ from company to company.


Nordania Leasing (Danske Bank)

Fleggaard Leasing

Easy Fleet

Bil Leasing



Car purchasing

Used cars

Due to heavy taxes, buying a new car in Denmark is a costly affair. Buying a used car might therefore be the right solution for you.

The below link is in Danish but fairly straightforward. Fill in car type, model, kilometers etc to see currently available vehicles.



Den Blå Avis

Car rentals

Renting a car when having family and friends visiting from abroad might be the right way to explore Denmark together. Below please find list of car rental companies in Denmark:  







Car sharing

To drive green – sharing cars is a secure, affordable and flexible transport alternative to car ownership. There are several providers on the market. 

DriveNow works using the Rejsekort (travel card for public transportation). DriveNow have small BMWs located around Copenhagen and after registering online and downloading the DriveNow App, you can use the Rejsekort to open DriveNow cars and start driving. For more information, please visit the website DriveNow

LetsGo is another car sharing program in Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Greve, Herning and Aarhus. You simply book online. For more information and pricing, please visit their website.

Other sharing cars companies are:

Green Mobility

Go More 

Move about

Bryggebilen (Copenhagen)

Hertz Delebil (Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Høje Tåstrup, Aalborg and Odense)

Minbil Dinbil 

If you would like to carpool around Europe, the following link may be helpful:

Bla Bla Car


Drivers license

If your driver’s license is issued in an EU Country, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland or the Faro Islands, no conversion is necessary unless you are holder of a driver’s license without a limited administrative validity period of 15 years. This means that if no “valid to” is stated on your driver’s license, license must be converted to a Danish license.

Some countries outside the EU are added to the list of countries who’s citizens do not need to swap driver’s license. The list of countries can be found on following link from The list is continuously updated and valid for the whole country.

Citizens could be tempted to wait for their home country to be included on the list. This is, however, no option. The rule will not apply for citizens already living in Denmark. Only newcomers.

Please ask your Settwell counsellor for detailed information on changing driver's licenses.

Electric scooters

Electric scooters are a new and environmentally friendly way of exploring Copenhagen. 

Download the app from VOI or TIER, register yourself and wupti you are good to go. 
The app will have details about available scooters near you. 

Have fun :)


Parking restrictions apply in most towns and cities in Denmark. Parking restrictions are strictly enforced but parking regulations are clearly indicated.

Sometimes free parking is available with time restrictions indicated on parking signs (hours written in black or white refer to workdays, hours in brackets refer to Saturday and hours in red refer to Sunday and holidays). In areas with restricted parking, a parking disc is required to show the time of arrival.

Private car parks also operate in various towns and cities. Private car parks have their own parking rules and fees.

General parking rules include:

  • Stopping is only allowed in the right side of the street and is prohibited on main roads and motorways
  • Parking is prohibited at full-drawn center lines where the distance between the line and the car is less than three meters
  • Parking is prohibited less than five meters from a pedestrian crossing or end of a cycle path and less than 10 meters from an intersection
  • Parking is prohibited on cycle paths and pedestrian crossings
  • Parking is prohibited at bus stops where painted yellow or within 12 meters of a bus stop sign

Click on the links for more information on parking in CopenhagenAarhus and Odense.

Parking apps are getting increasingly popular in Denmark. Using the apps is fast and simple to start, stop and extend any parking.





Public transportation

Denmark has an elaborate public transportation system.

The public transportation system covers both trains, metro and buses. Areas are split into zones and price depends on how many zones you pass. There are different ticket options depending on how often and how far you travel.

Travel card
If commuting regularly, it is recommended buying a travel card (Rejsekort in Danish) which is an electronic ticketing system covering both train, bus and metro in all zones. The Rejsekort is equipped with a chip that communicates with card readers on buses, trains and the metro. Every time you begin a journey or change means of transport, you must check in at a card-reader in the bus or on the station. You only need to check out when reaching your final destination. Payment is automatically deducted from the Rejsekort. You can add money to the Rejsekort both online and on stations. There are three different types of Rejsekort. Compare the different types of Rejsekort on the website Rejsekort to see which type meets your needs.    

It is also possible renting a car using the Rejsekort. Please see the Settwell section on Car sharing.

Monthly pass
If commuting by public transportation every day, it is recommended buying a monthly pass. The monthly pass is valid for train, bus and metro in the zones you choose for at least a month at the time. Settwell recommends to purchase monthly pass via the app "DSB". If phone language is set to English, the English version of the app will automatically show. Purchase and extension can be done online as well using NemID, however, the websites are still mainly in Danish. See websites for the different areas in Denmark below.

Single and multiple tickets
Single and multiple tickets can be purchased via the app "DSB".

Single tickets can furthermore be purchased via a text message on your mobile phone. Text location and the number of zones you will pass to the number 1415. A few seconds later, you will receive a confirmation message to which you need to reply JA. Again, a few seconds later your will receive the actual ticket. Do not delete text message until end of journey. 

To plan a route, see fare and ticket options around Denmark, please visit one of the below websites:

Trip Planner:


Public transportation Copenhagen:
Visit Copenhagen

Public transportation Northern Jutland:
Nordjyllands Trafikselskab

Public transportation Mid Jutland:

Public transportation Southern Jutland: 

Public transportation Funen:
Fyn Bus